Chapter three

Transforming and growing the organisation

We are committed to increasing our impact for children and young people. By transforming our organisation we can extend our knowledge and learning, build stronger partnerships and reach even more children and young people.

We are growing

This year, our total income grew to £49.6m, an increase of 7% on last year, and we increased our charitable spend to £34.4m, up 4%. We are also increasing our reach, which is strengthening our impact and allowing us to help even more children and young people.


million spent on helping children and young people, up on 4% on last year


per cent increase in our total income year-on-year, which is now £49.6m


visitors to The Children’s Society website over the past year


per cent increase in the number of followers on our social media channels in the last year

Our hubs

Last year, we said that we would launch three hubs in areas of highest need across the country. Offices have now opened in Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, a third in London will be operational by the autumn, and we are set to open a fourth in West Yorkshire by March 2015.

Children and family zones

As part of our approach to innovation we created a pilot Children and Family Zone in North Solihull, where a whole community can come together to shape the provision they need. This concept, first developed in New York, could offer new ways of working with a whole community and our Church of England partners to significantly transform whole communities.

Transforming our brand

Since our inception more than 130 years ago, we have been an organisation constantly pushing the boundaries, looking for new and innovative ways to have the greatest impact on the lives of disadvantaged children. Investing in an effective brand is a crucial part of this journey and our future success. It is a long-term investment, with the potential to raise awareness, generate more income and help us reach even more children and young people.

The more we are known, the greater our potential influence and income can be, and the bigger the difference we can make. This is why a strong brand is vitally important.

Plans for next year

Every year we strive to make an even bigger positive impact on children’s and families’ lives. This impact report has set out what we achieved with children and families in 2013/14 through our direct work, advocacy initiatives, and campaigning. In 2014/15 we aim to achieve even greater change with this country’s most disadvantaged children and families.


The number of children and young people we will work with most intensively


The number of disadvantaged children whose lives will be improved by changes we influence in national policy


per cent of children and young people who will experience positive change through our support


The number of young people we will involve in organisational and policy decisions

A big thank you

As you can see from this report, we made a huge impact in 2013/14, improving the lives of thousands of children, young people and their families across the UK. But we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the incredible support and generosity of our loyal supporters and donors, the church, our staff, volunteers, funders and trustees – your continuing support is vital and enormously appreciated. Thank you.